Liquid XML Data Binder 2020
LiquidTechnologies.XmlObjects Namespace / LxWriterSettings Class

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    LxWriterSettings Class Properties
    In This Topic

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    Public Properties
    Public PropertyIndicates how a xs:boolean value should be rendered within the XML document (default is BoolRepresentationType.TrueFalse)  
    Public PropertyDetermines how dates/times without explicit timezone information should be treated.
    Default is UTC  
    Public PropertyAllows the formatting of xs:double to be overridden.  
    Public PropertyThe error handler callback that is called when an error occurs during the serialization process  
    Public PropertyAllows the formatting of xs:float to be overridden.  
    Public PropertyAll the namespace declarations that will be added to the root element of the document. Namespaces that are required and that are not in this list will be declared within the element they are required in, this can significantly increase the size of an XML document. The Key value is the namespace alias, the value is the namespace uri. To declare the default namespace for the document Key should be and empty string.  
    Public PropertyPrevents the xsi:type attribute from being written out. (Default is false)  
    Public PropertyTurns on or off the writing of the banner comment at the start of the serialized XML. NOTE: this can NOT be turned off in the free Community Mode.  
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