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    Moving a License to Another Machine
    In This Topic

    If a license is no longer required on a machine, then it should be de-activated. This allows it to be assigned to another machine.

    The license is automatically De-activated when the product is uninstalled, but it is also possible to deactivate the license using

    Help->About->Manage Licenses->Deactivate.


    From the menu select the menu item Help->About.



    Click the 'Manage Licenses...' button.



    Select the 'Deactivate a License on this Machine' option and press 'Next >'.

    This option is only available if a valid license is installed on this machine.



    The ' Deactivate Product' dialog shows the license that is activate on this machine.

    Click the 'Finish' button to de-activate the license and you will be asked to confirm you want to de-activate the PC.


    The application will be closed once the de-activation is complete - so ensure any work is saved.


    The De-activation process removes the license from the computer and lets the license server know that the license has been released, so it can be re-assigned to another PC.



    This process is normally done behind the scenes without user intervention. However if the license server is not reachable then this MUST be done manually - see Manual Deactivation.

    Failure to complete the deactivation process will result in the lost of the license. Lost licenses can only be retrieved by contacting support.