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In This Topic
    LxErrorCode Enumeration
    In This Topic
    XML Serialization error codes
    Public Enum LxErrorCode 
       Inherits System.Enum
    public enum LxErrorCode : System.Enum 
    AdditionalElement4Occurs when to many XML elements are written. (Occurs when the number of elements written is greater than maxOccurs)
    AlternativeXsError14The result of an alternative 'Test' resulted in an xs:error
    DuplicateAttribute2An attribute with the same name (and namespace) was read from an XML element.
    ExtraChoiceValues10Elements were read that provide multiple values for a choice (an xs:choice can only contain a single valid option)
    FacetFailed9A value failed a facet rule
    InvalidComplexType7Occurs when the xsi:type value read could not be found or is not valid for the current location.
    InvalidNameOrNamespace12Occurs when the writer encounters an element which is not valid in the given context because of its name. This is typically an xs:any or xs:openContent that contains an element that is not allowed due to the xsd rules imposed on it.
    InvalidValue8Value conversion error
    MissingAttribute0A required attribute is missing
    MissingElement3When reading or writing an XML file a required element is missing. (occurs when the number of element read is less than minOccurs).
    NameMissmatch11Occurs when the writer encounters an element which is not consistent with the xsd type data. In these cases the xsd type data is used.
    NoValidAlternative15None of the alternative tests were successful
    UnexpectedToken6Occurs when an unexpected character is encountered while reading an XML file. Typically a result of badly formed XML data.
    UnexpectedXsiNil13Unexpected xsi:nil attribute has been encountered in the XML, where the schema does not allow it
    UnknownAttribute1When an unexpected attribute was found when reading XML data
    UnknownElement5When an unexpected element was found when reading XML data
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