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XML Data Mapper



Liquid XML Data Mapper, makes it quick and easy to transform, filter, analyse, consolidate xml data

Liquid XML Data Mapper is a powerful data mapping and xml mapping tool that allows you to map between xml documents and then transform your data.

Key Benefits

  • Simple drag 'n' drop data mapping
  • Eliminates need for time consuming, intricate code
  • 1000s of lines of data mapping code written for you automatically
  • XML Schema aware
  • Simplification of collaboration and mapping rules through auto-generation of transformation rules


Liquid Data Mapper is a powerful visual xml mapping tool, allowing you to graphically map the data fields in your xml files, just like “drawing” lines from fields in one set of data to fields in another set of data, with complete manual transform for complete control. You can even specify an xml instance file to generate an xml mapping component or use any xml schema or namespace aware DTD to transform your xml data from one format to any other xml format. Quickly set source and destination locations, write logical expressions, create filters and much more.

Features List

  • XML to XML Mapper
  • Instant or manual data transformation
  • Generation of transformation rules
  • Support for xml instance document input format
  • Support for xml schema input format
  • Drag / drop xml data mapping and conversion
  • Processing xml data from, and into, multiple xml files
  • Preserve visual layout of xml mapping project 
  • Integrated debugging and editing with our leading Liquid XML Studio
  • Use of input & output file names as parameters
  • 32-bit and 64-bit support

Why use XML Data Mapping?

Liquid XML Data Mapper is an intuitive XML Data Mapping and xml mapping tool. Combined with the Liquid XML Studio suite, it makes a powerful, all in one solution to xml and data mapping, making it ideal for use in both small and large corporate level data integration projects. The relatively low cost of ownership, combined with its simple ease of use, makes it a highly scalable and cost effective solution to your data mapping requirements.

Who can benefit from XML Data Mapping?

Liquid XML Data Mapper is a graphical, easy to use tool that would suit organisations large and small, and would be ideal for anyone who needs to work with XML data, both technical and non technical users. So whether you are an experienced developer looking to build serious applications,  a data consultant looking to migrate data from one system to another, or a Project Manager looking to automate process integration , our mapping tool will allow you to achieve your objectives quickly and efficiently.  Here are just some of the backgrounds our users come from:

Data Architects, Systems Analysts, Datastage Designers, Consultants, SAP Consultants, Developers, Business Analysts, Data Consultants, Project Managers, C# Developers, .Net Consultant.

Liquid XML Prices

Liquid XML Data Binder Liquid XML Studio
Developer Bundle:  $753.92
 *Bundle Saving $220.84*

Liquid XML Studio
Liquid XML Studio
  Starter Edition:     $99.00
  Designer Edition:  $297.00

Liquid XML Data Binder
XML Data Binder:   $677.76

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