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XML Schema Editor (XSD)

The Graphical XML Schema Designer included in Liquid XML Studio massively simplifies visualizing, authoring and navigating complex XML Schemas. The Graphical XSD Editor provides a logical editable view of the XSD schema which makes understanding and editing them simple and intuitive, whilst allowing validation against the complexities of the W3C XML Schema standard.

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Graphical Editor

Allows a logical view of the XML Schema to be edited and viewed. Editing can be performed inline on the diagram, via a properties window, or directly in the code. The context menus and properties window are intelligently controlled, only allowing allowable properties to be displayed. The diagram can also be scaled in order to focus in on an small part, or get an overview of the overall structure.

Split Screen - code/model

The code and diagram are shown concurrently, making it easy to see what a given entity in the diagram represents. Changes in the model are reflected immediately in the code view.

XSD 1.0 & 1.1 Support

XSD 1.0 & 1.1 schemas can be graphically edited and validated. With graphical representation for all the new XSD 1.1 constructs.

Edit logical view

Many XSD editors show the physical view of the XML Schema. This is barely any better than looking at the raw code, as it contains a large amount of syntactical clutter. The logical view presents the schema in a form that shows all the complexity of the schema without being overly complicated by syntax.

Detailed properties

Each entity in the model has a complete set of properties associated with it. These are shown inline within the model and can be edited via the properties window. Many of the properties are context sensitive and are only shown at the appropriate times, simplifying a data designers job.

Choice of Validation Engines

It is now possible to select the XSD Schema engine used to perform validation, currently the Microsoft and Xerces XSD engines are supported.

Errors and warnings are reported via the Error Window in real time, clicking on an error selects the source of the error in the code or model view.

XML Sample Builder

It is possible to generate an XML document from an XML Schema. The resulting document contains all the elements and attributes required to form an XML document that is valid based on the underlying schema. This is particularly useful for prototyping and testing.

XPath Viewer

The XPath viewer can also be linked to the schemas code view, allowing queries to be run against the contents of the XML Schema. The results are highlighted in the code view.

Visual Studio Integration

(Plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008 & 2010)

The Graphical XML Schema editor is fully integrated into the visual studio IDE, increasing productivity by allowing users to work in a consistent familiar environment.

Documentation Generator

It is possible to generate HTML documentation from an XML Schema. A page is created for each entity in the XML Schema, each page containing a diagram complete with navigation links, original code, properties, references to its usage, references to its base and derived types.


Print from both the model and code views. Scale the model to fit a on X by Y pages or scale by a fixed ratio.

Fully featured environment

  • Cut & Paste - Cut and Paste entities within the Code and model view
  • Drag & Drop - Move sections of the model around by dragging
  • Find & Replace - Search within the Code and Diagram, use regular expressions, wildcards, whole word, match case etc
  • Multi Set Undo - Instant undo for changes made in the model and the code
  • Zoom - Control the scaling and spacing within your XML Schema diagram

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