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XQuery Debugger

XQuery is a powerful tool for querying and reporting on XML data, however without the correct tools it can be difficult to get to grips with. Liquid XML Studio simplifies the process of authoring XQuery modules, cutting development time while improving quality and reliability.

With the Liquid XML Studio XQuery Debugger you can easily perform step through debugging of XQuery modules and library modules. Breakpoints can be set at points of interest, then local variables can be examined, and watch expressions created.

Liquid XML Studio contains a comprehensive XQuery Editor supporting all the features you have come to expect, intellisense, auto complete, syntax highlighting, code folding etc.

The debugger/editor includes many useful features that simplify the authoring and debugging of XQuery documents.


  • XQuery 1.0 support
  • Integrated Debugger
    • Step By Step Debugging
    • Breakpoints
    • Local Variables
    • Local Context
    • Watch Expressions
    • Call Stack
  • Saxon XQuery 1.0 Engine supported
  • XSLT Editor
    • Intellisense
    • Auto Complete
    • Validation
    • Outlining (code folding)
    • Multistep undo/redo

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Liquid XML Studio
Liquid XML Studio
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Liquid XML Data Binder
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