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WSDL Editor

The WSDL editor abstracts much of the complexity of the WSDL standard, presenting the structure of the WSDL without showing the unnecessary complexity. This provides a view that makes understanding and editing your WSDL document simple. Access to the full range of related facets is available via the properties window and the WSDL can be edited directly within the Source view.

Embedded XML Schema within your WSDL can be displayed and edited within an XML Schema Editor View, making defining types for your WSDL simple.



WSDL 2.0 Support

Support for the W3C WSDL 2.0 standard in addition to the existing support for the W3C WSDL 1.1 standard.

Visual Studio Integration

The WSDL editor is now fully integrated into the visual studio IDE, increasing productivity by allowing users to work in a consistent familiar environment.

Supported in Microsoft Visual Studio.

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Liquid XML Studio
Liquid XML Studio
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