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Moving a License to another Machine
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Licensing Overview > Tasks > Moving a License to another Machine

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If a license is no longer required on a machine, then it should be de-activated. This allows it to be assigned to another machine.

The license is automatically De-activated when the product is uninstalled, but it is also possible to deactivate the license using

Help->About->Manage Licenses->Deactivate.


From the menu select the Help-About

Click the 'Manage Licenses...' button

Select the 'Deactivate a License on this Machine' option and press 'Next'

This option is only availible if a valid license is is installed on this machine.

The 'Deactivate Dialog' shows all the licenses that are installed on this machine.

Click the 'Deactivate All' Licenses button to remove them.

The application will be closed once the deactivation is complete - so ensure any work is saved.

The Deactivation process removes all the licenses from the computer and lets the license server know that the license has been released, so it can be re-assigned to other machines.

This process is normally done behind the scenes without user intervention. However if the license server is not reachable then this MUST be done manually - see Manual Deactivation.

Failure to complete the deactivation process will result in the lost of the license. Lost licenses can only be retervied by contacting support.
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