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    Window Layout
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    Docking Windows

    The layout manager in Liquid XML Studio is extremely flexible allowing you to easily make the most of your work space on single or dual monitor configurations. Tool windows can either be docked, floating or unpinned. Docked windows can also be stacked up and are then accessible via tabs.


    There are 4 tool windows used by the XML Schema Editor (Error List, Properties, Documentation and Global Component Locator), these can be shown via the 'View' Menu.

    The Global Component Locator and the Documentation menu items are only visible when the XML Schema editor the active editor.

     Liquid XML Studio View Menu



    Floating Windows

    Tool windows can be made to 'float' by dragging them away from there existing location and not onto a drag icon.

    Pinned Windows

    If you have a limited amount of space then you can un-pin docked windows. These then slide into the sides, to save space. The icons show the state of the window, and clicking them changes from pinned to unpinned.
    Once unpinned a window looks like this, and can be shown by clicking on the highlighted tab