This section describes how to use the Liquid XML Data Binding Wizard.

The Wizard provides a Windows User Interface that allows you to generate data binding code from your XML Schema file. As you move through the Wizard you can select configuration options that will determine how the code is generated. The Wizard stores your selected options in a project file that has the same name as your XML Schema file with the file extension of '.xdbproj'.

Tip: You can launch the Wizard by using the context menu of any '.xdbproj', '.xsd', '.xdr', '.dtd' or '.wsdl' file in Windows Explorer, or by running 'XMLDataBinder.exe <filename>'. There is also a command line version of the Wizard LXDB16.exe.

The Wizard provides the following steps to generate a code library:

1. Create or Open a Wizard Project

2. Create a Wizard Project File for your XML Schema or Load a Wizard Project File for your XML Schema

3. Select Web Service (only shown when 'Generate a Web Client Interface' is selected)

4. Select Elements for Code Generation

5. Select an Output Language

6. Select Output Options

7. Change Schema to Object Mappings

8. Code Generation

9. Post Generation Options

Pressing the 'About...' button displays the 'About Screen' which shows the current version of the product and to whom the product is registered. It also allows you to register the product when you have purchased a license key.

Pressing the 'Options...' button displays the 'Options Screen' which allows you to reset options used when running the Wizard steps.

Pressing the 'Close' button displays gives you the option of saving your project file before closing the Wizard, unless the 'Always save Project file on Close' option is selected in the 'Options Screen'.

Pressing the 'Help' button displays this help file.