Wizard Error: E2002


Failed to parse the schema using MSXML4: < an MSXML4 Error Message >

NOTE: MSXML6 is not currently installed.
This new version has a number of enhancements that may solve the problem you are experiencing.
It is recommended that you install MSXML6 (Please close Liquid XML before installing MSXML6).

Do you want to go to the download site?


The Wizard uses Microsoft MSXML to validate XSD files. If MSXML6 is not installed on your PC, MSXML4 will be used instead.

MSXML6 is more compliant to the W3C Xml Schema standard and validates correctly some schema items that MSXML4 does not.


Click 'Yes' to download and install MSXML6 from the Microsoft website. Once installed run the Wizard again and MSXML6 will be used to validate your schema.