Public Property NamespaceAliasMap as NamespaceAliasMap
  Property NameNamespaceAliases  
  Property Type string  
  Accessors Read Only  
  DescriptionA collection of name value pairs, containing a namespace URI and namespace Alias.  

These alias will be declared at the root level in the document.
The sample shows what you get if an alias “MyAlias”, and UIR "http://sample" are added to the collection.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<MyAlias:Customer xmlns:MyAlias="http://sample"

Also See NamespaceAliases

Public Function AddNamespace(ByVal Prefix As String, ByVal NamesapceUrl As String) As Namespace
End Function

Public Function Add(ByVal oNs As Namespace) As Namespace
End Property

Public Function Exists(ByVal NamesapceUrl As String) As Boolean
End Function

Public Function NamespaceAliasExists(ByVal Alias As String) As Boolean
End Property

Public Property Get NewEnum() As IUnknown
End Property