LtXmlLib16 Global Functions
Global Functions exposed from the LtXmlLib C++ library.
  Function Description  
    void SetLocalCharEncoding(UINT encoding)

Available in Non-UNICODE builds only.

Sets the char encoding used when reading and writing from the library if the build is NOT uniocde.

Defaults to CP_THREAD_ACP (for Windows 2000 or later) otherwise CP_ACP. Can also be set to CP_UTF7, CP_UTF8, CP_OEMCP, CP_SYMBOL or CP_MACCP setting to CP_UTF8 allows unicode/utf8 chars to be output in the XML, but care must be taken when reading strings, it may not be 1 byte per char (see UTF8 for more info).


    void ASCIIOnly()

Available in Non-UNICODE builds only.

Optimizes the character encoding algorithms by using ASCII characters only (128 US-ASCII characters) within local code page to / from UTF-8 conversions.

This should only be set if you only use ASCII chars within your UTF-8 XML documents as it simply copies the characters with no conversion from the local code page.



Enables Asyncronous reads when using FromXmlFile. This reduces the memory footprint when reading from file.

Windows platform only.



Enables Asyncronous writes when using ToXmlFile. This reduces the memory footprint when writing to file.

Windows platfrom only.