CElement(LPCTSTR lpszElementName,
                  LPCTSTR lpszElementNamespace);
CElement(LPCTSTR lpszElementName,
                  LPCTSTR lpszElementNamespace,
                  LPCTSTR lpszNamespaceRestriction,
                  LPCTSTR lpszTargetNamespace);
  Method NameConstructor 
    Argument - lpszElementName The name of the element using MyElm may cause something like this to be created
    Argument - lpszElementNamespace The namespace to be used for this element ie http://www.someother.com may cause something like this to be creaeted.
<so:MyElm xmlns:so="http://www.someother.com">Text</so:MyElm>
    Argument - lpszNamespaceRestriction The namespace restrictions used for the child elements/attributes
##any - any namespace
##other - any namespace that is not the targetnamespace
##local - no namespace
##targetNamespace - the target namespace
<namespace> - must be within the namespace
    Argument - lpszTargetNamespace The target namespace for the XML document.  
  Description Creates an instance of the class