std::string ToString() const; (Unsupported)
std::string ToString(LPCTSTR format) const;
  Property Description  
    Argument format format specifies the strings format  
    Description Returns a std::string representation of this CDateTime.  
    Remarks Supported formats are:

"G" = DD/MM/YYYY (or MM/DD/YYYY depending on current locale)
"s" = XML Schema depending on curremnt type:
dateTime comprises [-]CCYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss[.fffffff][[Z]|[[+|-]hh:mm]]
date comprises [-]CCYY-MM-DD[[Z]|[[+|-]hh:mm]]
gDay comprises ---DD[[Z]|[[+|-]hh:mm]]
gMonth comprises --MM[[Z]|[[+|-]hh:mm]]
gYear comprises [-]CCYY[[Z]|[[+|-]hh:mm]]
gMonthDay comprises --MM-DD[[Z]|[[+|-]hh:mm]]
gYearMonth comprises [-]CCYY-MM[[Z]|[[+|-]hh:mm]]
time comprises hh:mm:ss[.fffffff][[Z]|[[+|-]hh:mm]]