T* operator->()
const T* operator->() const
   Method Name Dereference operator  
    Returns A pointer to the underlying object wrappered by the smart pointer  
  Description Allows access to the underlying object  
    Example try
    // create an instance of the class to load the XML file into
    ElmSequence::CElmSequencePtr spElm = ElmSequence::CElmSequence::CreateInstance();
    ElmSequence::CBasicElementPtr spBasElm = ElmSequence::CBasicElement::CreateInstance();

    spElm->GetBasicElement()->SetStringElm(_T("Test Data"));
catch (CLtException& e)
    // Note : exceptions are likely to contain inner exceptions
    // that provide further detail about the error, GetFullMessage
    // concatantes the messages from them all.
    _tprintf(_T("Error - %s\n"), e.GetFullMessage().c_str());