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In a Document Type Definition (DTD) an element can contain #PCDATA.

PCDATA in this context means mixed content, elements may contain character data, optionally interspersed with child elements.

Sample PCDATA Usage within a DTD Copy Code
Sample XML Copy Code
<b>character data</b>

The element b may contain character data, and nothing else.

If used correctly in conjunction with other element types it can allow the element to contain mixed content.

Sample PCDATA Usage within a DTD Copy Code
<!ELEMENT c (#PCDATA|d|e)*>
Sample XML Copy Code
<c>character data <d/> more text <d/> and more <e/></c>

However PCDATA is not the semantic term for character data, and must appear as the first item within a 0-n choice.

The EBNF shows these limitations.DTD ELEMENT

[51]   Mixed               ::=       '(' S? '#PCDATA' (S? '|' S? Name)* S? ')*'
| '(' S? '#PCDATA' S? ')'
The PCDATA type can NOT be used within an attribute definition

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