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Accessible From

'License Manager Dialog' -> Deactivate Licenses

The license is also deactivated when the application is uninstalled.

Only availible when a license is installed on the computer.


Provides the ability to deactivate a license if there is no direct connection to the license server


(1) The Email address to send the Deactivation request to (you can select the contents of this field and copy it to the clipboard using ctrl-c).

(2) Creates a new Email populated with the Deactivation Request (6), and ready to send.

(3) The url that can be used to Deactivate the license.

(4) Launches a browser, passing the Deactivation request (6) to the license server - de-activating the license.

(5) Copies the deactivation request (6) to the clipboard.

(6) The deactivation request

(7) Closes the dialog.

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