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The 'License Manager Dialog', via the 'Request Trial License' and 'Activate License' options.

This dialog will only be shown if the application can not connect to the license server directly. This may happen if you are on a closed network or have non-standard firewall setup.


When the license server is not accessible (typically due to the network setup, firewalls etc), this dialog can be used for sending license activation requests to the license server, and inputting the activation message.


(1) Tab describing Manual Activation via the web. This tab describes the simplest way to activate a license - see 'Manual Activation'.

(2) Tab describing Manual Activation via email. This tab describes a fall back way to activate a license - see 'Manual Activation'.

(3) A link to open a web browser on the activation page, and auto run the activation request.

(4) The activation request. This is supplied in case the links in (3) or (8) do not work correctly (this can happen if you are using 3rd party mail/web browsers).

(5) The activation response. Paste the response received via mail or the web into this box, and press activate (6).

(6) The activate button, processes the activation request in (5). This is only enabled when the activation request is populated.

(7) Closes the dialog.

(8) A link to create a new mail, with the address, body and subject pre-populated.

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