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Provides a quick summary of the installed licenses, and allows access to the license manager.


The table shows the installed licenses.

Product Column (1)

The tick/cross indicates if the license is still valid.

The name is the type of license i.e. 'Liquid XML Studio All Versions' allows any version of the 'Liquid XML Studio' product to be run,  'Liquid XML Studio Version 6' allows only version 6 of the 'Liquid XML Studio' product to be run.

Start Date Column (2)

The date the license becomes valid ('-' means it has no start date)

Expiry Date Column (3)

The date the license expires ('-' means it has no expiry date)

Build Before Column (4)

This license is valid on applications built before the date show in this column.
This is how the USPP license is granted on the client (the support contract that allows you to run any version released while your contract is valid).
The date the application was built can be seen in (9).

Type Column (5)

The license type, Full  or Trial

License Key Column (6)

Your license Key (sent to you when you made your purchase)

Licensee Column (7)

The user/company the license is granted to


The version of the application is shown in (8).

The date the build was made is shown in (9), ties in with the USPP contract, see Build Before Column(4).

The build number, useful when reporting issues with an application (10).

'View Allocated Licenses...' (11) shows where the rest of the licenses are allocated (see 'View Activated Licenses Dialog').

'Manage Licenses...'(12) shows the license manager (see 'License Manager Dialog').

'Close' (13) closes this dialog.



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