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08/05/2012 21:36:55

Ken Schweda
Ken Schweda
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Just installed 2012 upgrade. I open my schema project, it prompts to select provider, I select the MSCC add-in for TFS, it prompts for username and password, then up comes the Error Dialogue "There has been a problem". No details, and I can't even send in the report because THAT doesn't work because of the goofy firewall issues that afflict the Check For Updates as well. So now I have a tool I can't use other than as a simple editor. The 2011 worked just fine with TFS.

Oh, and the Use Relative Paths option I thought would be right there in the Settings isn't, unless I'm missing something. I use to love this product! What happened.

I also just noticed the project file is completely different. There's no paths, no subgroups like Schemas, Documents, Transforms. When I opened my 2011 project I got an Upgrade Report that said these were removed. Did I upgrade to the wrong edition or something?
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Home » XML Studio » TFS No Longer working with XMLStudio 2012

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