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23/03/2012 10:41:24

Laurent Jordi
Laurent Jordi
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I need to have UTF-8 Xml Files to communicate with my target service

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

In the ToXml method, I dont find such an option...

Thanks for help,

Best regards,

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23/03/2012 16:32:59

Liquid Support
Liquid Support
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For some background, please see knowledge base article:

ToXml() always returns the standard encoding for strings of the programming language used, i.e. in C++ it would be the local code page, and for C++ built as UNICODE and for other languages (C#, VB.Net, Java, VB6) it would be Unicode. This is so the data can be manipulated as strings within your code.

ToXmlFile() and ToXmlStream() deal with Binary Data in the encoding specified for the XML Document, which you can pass as a parameter.

Hope this helps.
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