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07/12/2011 11:04:18

marco reitano
marco reitano
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Hey there,

im currently testing your XML Studio 2011 Developer and generating C#-databinding-classes.
As far as i understood i have to have a valid license of your product on the machine im using this classes.
Is this only true for the classes generated with the test-license?
Can i use the generated classes on other machines(without a valid license) aswell, when generated with a full-license?

thx in advance

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07/12/2011 11:40:56

Liquid Support
Liquid Support
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When you generate the code the PC you generate on needs to have a valid key. When you distribute your generated code as a binary component as part of your application to your end users along with the related Liquid XML Runtime, the end user does not need a license. It is Royalty Free!

Please also see:

When you use a Trial license, the code pops up a handy message when you run it so you know it's Trial code.
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Home » XML Studio » License always needed?

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