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05/06/2011 20:45:12

Jake Plumber
Jake Plumber
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Is it possible to import or include (preferably include) an XSD schema in to a WSDL? I notice that the WSDL XSD Schema view had the 'Import/Include Wizard' menu item in the 'Schema Root' context menu, but it doesn't seem to work. It returns a message stating that the schema must first be saved. Is this an error?

I've tried to add many variations of import and include tags in the WSDL source, but nothing will validate. Is there an example or tutorial available?

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06/06/2011 11:10:46

Forum Admin
Forum Admin
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The import/include wizard can not be used for XSD's that are embedded within a WSDL file. You can add the declaration manually either into the WSDL or XSD code editor.

Note: Currently the url must be fully a qualified file or http url. We are looking at resolving the issue with relative include paths.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!--Created with Liquid XML Studio Developer Edition (Trial) (>
<definitions xmlns:soap=""
<xs:schema xmlns="" elementFormDefault="qualified">
<include schemaLocation="c:/temp/test/common.xsd" />

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Home » XML Studio » Import or Include XSD in to WSDL?

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