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Liquid Fast Infoset .Net Open Source License

March 04, 2011

Liquid Fast Infoset .Net is now hosted on the Open Source web site SorceForge free for use in Open Source projects under the GNU Affero General Public License.

Liquid Fast Infoset .Net is a C# class library that allows you to add XML Compression support to your .Net project. Fast Infoset is a ITU-T (X.891) and ISO (IEC 24824-1) standard for producing small binary XML documents that are fast to parse.

This decision has been taken to allow Open Source community to benefit and contribute to this XML industry standard.

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Online Video Demos

This new series of online demos have been designed to make it even easier to understand the powerful features contained within Liquid XML.

Liquid XML Studio Overview
Data Binding / Code Generation
Graphical XSD Schema Editor
Graphical WSDL Editor